Fundraiser~Providing Holistic Health at Safehouse


CHHC is having a Fundraiser on May 11th from 5-8pm to raise funds to continue to provide holistic health education to SafeHouse.  Please join us or make a donation now. 

Claudia Frick, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist, has provided educational tools to empower the women at Safehouse to take care of themselves through nutrition, herbal medicine, movement and most of all self compassion.  Claudia shares her experience working with these women:

What an honor it’s been for me to be serving the Latina group at the Safehouse progressive alliance for nonviolence in Lafayette since 2015. I would often forget that we didn’t speak the same language because we always had an extremely skillful translator and we all knew the language of women, the language of pain & the language of laughter.

When I’d bring in herbs, the women would be eager to tell me what they call the plant and we’d have lavish conversations about the gifts of a specific plant. I remember the time we were all crowded around the stove melting beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, honey and some essential oils to make lip balm. While these amazing smelling ingredients were simmering we did some facial exercises accompanied by lots of laughter.

Some of the most tender moments would be after I’d lead the group through guided meditation in darkness and they would tell me about the deep peace they experienced, about feeling safe, about finally being able to rest and feel rejuvenated.

We tell stories. We practice the warrior pose. We talk about radical self-love. And we talk about nutrition.

I wish for the women to feel empowered by expanding their tool box and recognizing their own beauty & wisdom.



Laughter Club-May 6th

World Laughter Day is Sunday, May 6th

Come celebrate with us at CHHC by laughing your head off at 5pm for an hour long Laughter Club.

Laughter Clubs are a time and place to laugh "for no reason" except that it is so good for you and so fun and helps you feel better and promotes social connection and feels good and...well, there are lots of reasons. :) 

Betsy Dunn will be facilitating this FREE event which is designed to spread health, happiness and peace throughout our local and global communities.

For more information, visit or contact Betsy at

This event is open to EVERYONE; no experience necessary. Hahahahaha!!


Systems and Family Constellations Circles


Introduction to Systems and Family Constellation Circles
Ancestor Matters ©


Check out the Second Tuesday Family and Systems Constellation Circle offered by Center for Intercultural and Transgenerational Healing (CITH).  Learn about ANCESTRAL TRAUMA and it's lingering impact on your very life.


Brief presentation – Introduction to Systems and Family Constellation Work

Experiential exercises

Experience Healing of Broken Connections through Community Healing

Fee:   $25.00 (work study available)

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 ish pm

Date:  Second Tuesday of the Month, May 8th and June 12th  

Where:     409 S. Public Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

Host and Facilitator Karin Dremel, MTS, HP, Reg. Psych.

RSVP 303.808.6280



Kirtan Chanting Comes to CHHC!



 Tuesday from 7-8:15pm

April 17th, May 15th, June 19th, July 17th, August 21st

Please come join Noah and Susanna in a safe space to sing together. We'll support each other in opening our hearts and exploring the gift of our voices.

Singing simple, powerful, accessible mantras and melodies as a group connects us with ourselves, each other and the divine. We'll sing call and response style to join in the giving and receiving.

This is a healing practice open to all.
No belief required. No singing or kirtan experience required. 

It is more powerful the more people that participate! We'd love to have you.

By donation. Bring the kiddos too! And your inner child.

We'll have Paleo cookies for prasad (offering) from Susanna's business, Back to Basics Kitchen, for anyone who wants to partake afterward.